Winning the War Against Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

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If you wish to fortify your child’s smile, concentrate on the upkeep of their baby teeth and their connection to their bottle. Oftentimes, oral health issues and early dental erosion is caused by the bottle and the drinks you put in it. For example, your child can fall asleep with the bottle in their mouth, allowing the liquid to pool around their teeth and intensifying the danger of tooth decay. That’s why we call it baby bottle tooth decay.

To avoid bacterial problems, please keep their oral health care tools or cleaning products separate from yours. In addition, please make sure to brush their teeth twice daily–even if so far only one tooth has erupted above the gum line. A small dash of toothpaste is all that is needed each time; any more than that is superfluous and can even be a risk to their health.

Do not give your child drinks that are sugary, like soda, sports drinks, tea, coffee, energy drinks, or any other drink that could adversely affect their oral health. Even juice can be harmful if high in sugar.

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