Will Chewing Gum Help or Hurt Your Child’s Smile?

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Have you ever wondered if chewing gum with help or hurt your child’s smile? There are benefits to sugarless gum. Here are some things you should keep in mind:

– Sugarless gum is not a good idea if your child suffers from a jaw disorder such as a TMD.
– Studies have shown that chewing sugarless gum after meals increases saliva flow which can assist in the prevention of cavities by washing away food particles and neutralizing harmful acids that are capable of eating through your child’s teeth.
– Although sugarless gum can help enhance your child’s oral health care routine, it should never be used as a replacement for brushing and flossing daily.
– Chewing sugarless gum is tremendously beneficial after meals because it helps increase the saliva flow in your mouth, which washes away food particles and neutralizes harmful acids capable of eating through your teeth.
– Sugarless gum is also beneficial in the prevention and treatment of heartburn, which is caused by a buildup of acids that travel up your esophagus, as it can help protect teeth should the acids reach your mouth.

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