What You Should Know About Pediatric Dentistry

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Now that you have your new baby, your long and distinguished career as a parent has begun. Apart from finding your baby a regular pediatrician, you will also need to choose a pediatric dentist. Until your baby’s first tooth arrives, there are some things you can do to make sure that your baby enjoys the best possible oral health.

Even though your child’s teeth haven’t come in, you can still take care of her gums. After each feeding, you should wipe her gums with a clean cloth or piece of gauze. Her bottles and pacifiers should be kept clean, and only milk, formula or water should go in her bottle. As her teeth start to come in, you can help with the pain by giving her a chilled teething ring or apply gentle pressure with a clean finger or even a chilled spoon. If you have questions or concerns, contact your dentist. When the time does come to start brushing, use a toothbrush small enough to fit her mouth, and a very tiny amount of toothpaste. Your dentist can tell you when to start using a fluoride toothpaste.

Your child’s first dental visit should come within six months of your child’s first tooth and if possible, before her first birthday. If you are looking for a dentist for your child, why not plan a visit with our pediatric dentist, Dr. David Suttie? If you live in the Napa, California area and would like to schedule an appointment at Dr. David Suttie Dentistry For Children, call 707-257-6453 today.