What You Need to Know About When Your Child Suffers From Bruxism

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When children grind their teeth, the parents tend to cringe at the sound and worry about their children’s little chompers. If you’re one of these parents, then our dentist, Dr. David Suttie, would be happy to tell you all about bruxism, which is another name for teeth grinding. The more you know, the better chance you have of helping your child and their little smile.

Many children grind their teeth. Sometimes children grind their teeth because they have a little chomper trying to pop out of their gums. The grinding can help the tooth break through. Sometimes children grind their teeth because they feel stressed. Clenching the jaw and grinding the teeth are natural reactions to stress. Sometimes children grind their teeth because of a change in elevation and the need to “pop” their ears. Sometimes children grind their teeth because of inner ear pain.

If your child has baby teeth, there’s no need to worry. The grinding shouldn’t severely damage the teeth, but if it does, the teeth will be replaced anyway. If your child has permanent teeth, it’s best to seek help from your dentist and work on helping your child stop the habit.

There are some things you can do to reduce the teeth grinding. One thing you can do is give your child a teething toy or something to chew on. This can help the teeth break through the gums. Another thing you can do is try to relieve your child’s stress. If you need help reducing the teeth grinding, feel free to call our office.

Call Dr. David Suttie Dentistry For Children today at 707-257-6453 if you have any questions about children and bruxism in Napa, California. Our dental team will be happy to give you the answers, information and tips you need so you can better understand bruxism as well as how to help your child’s smile. We look forward to hearing from and helping you!