What are Baby Teeth For?

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Baby teeth, despite what you might think, are very imperative to the overall health of an individual, both when they are a child and as they grow into an adult. What do you know about baby teeth? Learn a little bit more by reading this post we’ve amassed, and do all you can to assist your child to keep their pearly whites clean by brushing them two times per day and by flossing once per day.

In Europe, they’re commonly known as milk teeth. In Asia, they’re sometimes known as fall teeth. In the U.S., we call them deciduous teeth, primary teeth, impermanent teeth and (most commonly) baby teeth. Baby teeth are the first teeth in the onset of humans and other mammals. They actually develop as tooth buds in the embryo, then pass from the jaw through the gums during the first year of life. Baby teeth have an important job in the advance of your child’s adult teeth, since the adult teeth will not come in correctly if the baby teeth have been lost early.

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