Tips on How to Help Your Child Stop Sucking Their Thumb

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Although your child’s thumb sucking habit might seem cute, it could be dangerous for their smile, especially if they are sucking their thumb at an older age. This is because the unnatural pressure can affect the development of the mouth and smile. So, Dr. David Suttie encourages you to help your child curb the habit by doing these things:

First, reward good behavior. Make sure to celebrate with your child when they remember not to suck their thumb. This can help the situation better than criticizing and disciplining your child, especially because it can help them feel positive about the situation. If necessary, create a visual chart where they can earn prizes and stickers if they meet a goal.

Second, cover the thumb. Covering the thumb with a Band-aid or sock can change the texture and taste of the thumb, which your child might dislike. This can help your child feel less inclined to suck their thumb.

Third, talk to your dentist. Dr. David Suttie can explain the reasons why sucking can be harmful to the mouth and smile. If your child understands that there are consequences to the action, they might feel like the goal to stop sucking their thumb is more important.

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