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5 Stars“Dr. Suttie and his staff are very friendly and thorough. We recently relocated to Napa and needed a new dentist for the kids. We loved our former dentist, and we’re nervous about finding another good one. His Yelp reviews are very good, and we were not disappointed! Very happy with our new dentist! Kids loved earning prizes, to encourage brushing well. Very encouraging atmosphere!”

– Jenaye M.
5 Stars“My memories of growing up going to Dr David my entire childhood were the best. I never got why people were afraid of going to the dentist. I loved wearing my awesome red and yellow shirt and knowing I was gonna win some cool loot for it. I remember laughing the entire time I got my teeth cleaned. And who wouldn’t want to hang out, play video games and watch videos with my friends. MY experience was awesome. Since I have become a mom. I drive from out of town to Napa every 6 months for our annual check ups so my daughter will not be afraid of the dentist and share these fond memories with me. Thank you Dr David!!!!”

– Amber S.
5 Stars“El asido el dentista de mis 4 hijos desde k tenian 4 años de edad hoy mi hija la mayor tiene 19 y el sige siendo su Doctor un exelente profecionista .”

– Rosa G.
5 Stars“This was our daughters first visit (11 months old). She was treated with such care and that it was a fun experience, she didn’t cry at all, and sat up smiling when it was done! Now that takes a GREAT dentist to make that happen and Dr. Suttie is the best!”

– Lynette T.
5 Stars“We have been coming to see Dr David Suttie for over 10 years now and we will be coming back for a very long time. The office is very kid friendly and the staff is as well, the games/toys are a very positive distraction for my 4 year old and we always have a positive experience. My 13 year old daughter still enjoys coming here and she still wears her t shirt! Best Pediatric Dentist around!”

– Martha N.
5 Stars“Dr. David has made my daughter like the dentist! She’s only 2 and she likes going to the dentist just like I did when I went to Dr. David as a kid.”

– Deryn M.
5 Stars“I remember being so jealous growing up of the kids at school with those cool yellow shirts from Dr. Suttie’s office. Dr. David was a kind of local legend amongst the kids on the playground and I just knew once I had a child of my own exactly which dentist I wanted her to see. Well, he has exceeded our expectations. My daughter asks ALL the time “when can I go to the dentist again?!” That enthusiasm is exactly why I chose pediatric dentistry, specifically Dr. Suttie’s office. My insurance initially didn’t cover as much as it does now, I could have saved a little money by waiting a until she was a older or seeing someone under my umbrella but I decided that this was a gift I could give her that will follow her her entire life. She has comfort and excitement surrounding her dental visits and daily hygiene and Dr David even gave me one of my own cool yellow shirts:)”

– Terra P.
5 Stars“Dr. David is a wonderful Dentist and a wonderful person. My mother sang his praises all throughout my childhood and I have been spreading the word for all my adult years as well… Many of my family and friends take their children to him, and will continue to do so for as long as he is in business. I can’t say enough great things… Dr. Suttie is a Napa staple and his office staff and family is as fantastic as he! You won’t be disappointed!”

– Nikole B.
5 Stars“My daughter has been coming here for a while. She enjoys Dr. David Soooo much! When we pull into the parking lot she request I park next to his SUV! Lol. He cracks jokes with the kids, and that always makes them feel super comfortable. We will be coming here for a long time ;)”

– Smash S.
5 Stars“Dr. Suttie has a fantastic office for younger children! My daughter had to have a tooth removed and she was very nervous about it. The doctor made her feel very at ease and the procedure went to quickly she didn’t have time to be afraid. We will stay with Dr. Suttie as long as he is open for business! What a treasure to find!”

– Amber W.