Oral Hygiene: Tips to Keep Your Kid’s Smile in Top-Notch Condition

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If you want your kid to have a strong and healthy smile and oral health, then there are things you need to do on a regular basis to clean and care for their teeth and gums. Our pediatric dentist, Dr. David Suttie, would be happy to teach you all about those things so you can give your kid the top-notch oral health results they deserve. To keep your kid’s teeth and gums in tip-top shape, it’s best to:

-Clean their smile regularly. You should do so by using a child-sized, soft-bristled toothbrush and child toothpaste. If your child is under three years old, don’t use fluoride toothpaste. Make sure to brush your child’s teeth twice a day (every morning and night). To find out if your child needs to floss yet, contact our office or ask at your child’s next dental appointment.

-Don’t let your child go to bed with a bottle or sippy cup of milk. This is because giving your child a sugary beverage in bed can promote baby bottle tooth decay, which is a fancy name for child cavities. These cavities can cause severe discomfort and can affect your child’s oral health. It’s best to keep baby bottle tooth decay at bay.

-Bring them into our office for their checkups. It’s best to bring them in every six months so they can prevent major dental issues and so you can learn more about caring for their teeth and gums. This also helps them familiarize themselves with the dental office, which can prevent dental anxiety in the future.

For more information and details about oral hygiene in Napa, California, please contact Dr. David Suttie Dentistry For Children today at 707-257-6453. Our dental team is happy to hear from and help you, so please don’t be afraid to reach out to us. We look forward to your phone call!