What are Baby Teeth For?

Baby teeth, despite what you might think, are very imperative to the overall health of an individual, both when they are a child and as they grow into an adult. What do you know about baby teeth? Learn a little bit more by reading this post we’ve amassed, and do... Read more »

Maintain Optimum Oral Health with Toothbrushing for Kids

If your child is finally showing signs of a tooth erupting above their gum line, the time has finally come to begin caring for their smile. Every day from the time of tooth is visible, it can be susceptible to damage. Plus, it is up to you to care for... Read more »

Preparing to Treat Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Watching for the side effects of baby bottle tooth decay is a good way to battle its effects, but occasionally you’ll need professional help. Use the following advice to help your child prior to and following their baby bottle tooth decay, visit our office. To prepare for your checkup with... Read more »

Tips on How to Make This Halloween a Little More Focused on the Teeth

Do you want your child to grow up with the habit of keeping their smile in mind on Halloween? If so, that’s a great first step! Our dentist, Dr. David Suttie, likes that idea because it can help lessen the effects the sugary and acidic candy has on the teeth.... Read more »

Helping Teens with Oral Health Care

Helping your teen care for their smile might seem challenging, but really there is no need to stress. In fact, the best way to help them is probably the same way you can help yourself. Dr. David Suttie is happy to tell you the details. First, help your teen keep... Read more »

Protect Your Dental Health by Avoiding These Foods

The first advice we give out at Dr. David Suttie Dentistry For Children to anyone seeking healthier teeth for their little ones is to brush twice a day, floss once daily and get professional teeth-cleaning frequently. The second advice we give out is to cautiously watch the food choices you... Read more »

The Facts About Canker Sores

Canker sores are shallow ulcers that can appear inside your mouth and cause irritation. They can make eating and talking uncomfortable, but they also are common and not serious. Want to learn more about them? Dr. David Suttie Dentistry For Children is happy to give you the details. There are... Read more »

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

The first year of a person’s life is full of milestones. For your child, make sure a dentist visit is one of them! An early first visit is essential. The dentist can be a big help in making sure your child’s mouth is developing properly. Why so early? As soon... Read more »

Tips on How to Help Your Child Stop Sucking Their Thumb

Although your child’s thumb sucking habit might seem cute, it could be dangerous for their smile, especially if they are sucking their thumb at an older age. This is because the unnatural pressure can affect the development of the mouth and smile. So, Dr. David Suttie encourages you to help... Read more »

Breastfeeding And Dental Health: What Nursing Mothers Need to Know

Research shows breastfeeding is the ideal way to feed an infant. Not only does nursing strengthen the bond between mother and child, it can also keep both mom and baby healthy, physically and orally. Some of the great benefits of breastfeeding, include: -Decreased chance of developing breast or ovarian cancer... Read more »