At Dr. David Suttie Dentistry For Children, we are happy to offer contests from time to time, and we hope that you and your family will take part in these fun, interactive competitions as part of our pediatric dentistry in Napa, California. We welcome you to review our contests and special offers before your child’s appointment with Dr. David Suttie. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, and to schedule your child’s next visit with our dentist!

Suttie Buddy Money
Become a member of our Suttie Buddy games and rewards program! This program offers interactive games and other fun, engaging things that your child can do with the points they earn during their regular visits.


Come visit Dr. David Suttie Dentistry For Children for a free consultation! During this consultation, Dr. David Suttie will take X-rays of your child’s mouth and evaluate their oral health. No work is done in this appointment, unless our dentist finds a problem that requires immediate treatment.

At the end of this appointment, and after every recall visit afterward, your child will receive a grade explaining their dental hygiene and decay level. We will also include when your child should return to our office for treatment. If they receive an “A” or “B” they are automatically entered to win a Target gift card. We have one “A” and one “B” winner each month. Recipients get a photo with Dr. David that gets placed in an Exclusive Digital Slideshow in our front office. “A” grade patients also get a special bracelet that earns them an extra prize and sticker each time they wear it to an appointment.

T-Shirt and Wristband Rewards
If your child wears Dr. David’s t-shirt to their appointment, they can get an extra prize and sticker after their first visit! We replace outgrown t-shirts for free; all you have to do is ask!

Wristbands for an “A” grade can also reward the lucky patient with an extra prize and sticker per band.

So BRUSH! BRUSH! BRUSH! and FLOSS! FLOSS! FLOSS! because there is no limit to how many wristbands patients can earn! 
T-Shirt Rewards

Seasonal Giveaways
Every month, Dr. David Suttie Dentistry For Children is pleased to offer specials or prizes to our Wonderful Patient Families!

Monthly “Dinner Winners” receive a $50 gift certificate to a local restaurant and a picture with Dr. David! This is a prize to bring families together. See our office for more details. Gift certificate locations have included Mary’s Pizza Shack, Whole Foods, Habit, and Villa Corona. We are open to suggestions if there is a family favorite.

Seasonal Occasions are opportunities to get festive, dress up, and hold in-office events with special perks for those who join us. Look for flyers posted in our office, or ask our friendly team.

We love to have fun. Luckily, we work with kids, and they do, too!