Breastfeeding And Dental Health: What Nursing Mothers Need to Know

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Research shows breastfeeding is the ideal way to feed an infant. Not only does nursing strengthen the bond between mother and child, it can also keep both mom and baby healthy, physically and orally. Some of the great benefits of breastfeeding, include:

-Decreased chance of developing breast or ovarian cancer
-Strengthened immunity
-Less earaches, overbites, open bites
-Reduces asthma
-Less incidence of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
-Decreased obesity in children

As beneficial as breastfeeding is, babies can still develop cavities, since a mother’s milk has sugar. Dr. David Suttie has a philosophy about caring for your baby’s teeth from the start. Below is a list of tips to ensure you and baby have good dental health, while breastfeeding.

-If you take medication or will be for dental work, let our dentist know at Dr. David Suttie Dentistry For Children, or your own physician, to ensure the medication will not pass through your milk and onto the baby.
-Take care of your health, including dental health. After birth and for several months after, you may be more tired than usual and neglect brushing or flossing as well as you had before childbirth; this can lead to more gum disease and cavities.
-Eliminate sharing saliva with baby, either through cleaning the pacifier with your own mouth or licking off a feeding spoon. Bacteria can be transfered to the baby’s teeth.
-Ensure you are getting enough sleep and check your medications, if you develop dry mouth, which can result in less saliva to clean your teeth, especially at night.
-Monitor your diet, exercise habits, and mental health.

Implementing these tips will greatly affect you and baby’s dental health, so please call Dr. David Suttie about breast feeding and dental health in Napa, California. Our contact number is 707-257-6453.